Executive Lounge Conversations is a monthly event where professionals meet to discuss the current major issues facing businesses.


Participants will gain the benefit of an increased knowledge base, as well as business networking connections across a range of industries through collaborative, purposeful business conversations.

Attendance is capped at 15 participants each session. Participants are under no obligation to attend every session as you sign up for each session individually with advance notice of the topic provided. The topics for discussion will be changing regularly and will be based on suggestions and modern business trends, so repeat attendance is encouraged! 

What will happen at these events?

The sessions begin with an explanation of the topic for discussion, at which point a facilitated conversation will begin on that specific topic. Jumping past the typical opening introductions, the discussion lasts for approximately an hour and a half. Each session will include a discussion and summary of a business book carefully chosen and communicated to attendees prior to the session. While participants are encouraged to read the chosen book, those who have not will still benefit from the knowledge imparted during the ensuing discussions. Finally, participants are provided with the opportunity to further mingle, foster connections, and have discussions with other participants over a half-hour farewell drink.


Who should attend these events?

Business owners and executives looking to innovate their business while building knowledge and connections across a range of industries should attend Executive Lounge Conversations. Business owners from all industries – from IT, childcare, professional services, and retail, to the food and service industry – will find these sessions enlightening.


Who is facilitating these events?

Executive Lounge Conversations will take the form of a relaxed style discussion facilitated by Steve Clark and Jane Toohey. Steve is a personal and business improvement specialist with a particular interest in the field of Behavioural Psychology and is the author and founder of Fridays Off. Jane is currently the Director of Outsource2Us, a Brisbane-based digital marketing agency.


How can I sign up for these events?

Attendance at Executive Lounge Conversations incurs a cost of $50 per session. To register your attendance for a session please click here.



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